Fishwalker Cooling Bag – Better Alternative to Cool Boxes.

5 Reasons Why a Fishwalker Cooling Bag Is Better Than A Cooling Box:

Cooling boxes have space limitation, are difficult to transport and take up a lot of space even when not in use. The Fishwalker 100 x 50 cm bag has flexibility – place it where you do not need space, it can be placed on the side of the boat, aft or. the bow of the boat, it can even be secured with a rope to the bathing platform or. attach it to the fence of the boat or even install it in various storage areas in the deck, where the water tightness of these spaces will not make your boat dirty and the airtight zipper will prevent any unpleasant odor. Due to its water tightness, the cooling bag is also very welcome as a live bait pool. The Fishwalker cooler bag folds up and stows away in a practical carry-on bag, which, as such, takes up very little space when not in use.

We all know that the cooling boxes burst over time, the drown ventil brakes very often and the water leaks and also valves break easily The Fishwalker Cooling Bag is made of durable havy-duty materials that will withstand extreme use. Due to its flexibility, it can also be stored where it is not destroyed by direct sunlight. With a shoulder strap, you can easily carry it on your shoulder when go on fishing, with both hands at your disposal for other gear. The powerful four handles, which suround the whole bag, make sure that the weight is evenly distributed and the materials are not overloaded and thus does not destroy even when fishing is very successful and the bag is full of fish.

The Fishwalker Cooling Bag is white color, what reflecting sunlight and with its excellent NRB insulation foam, the cooler bag will keep ice and your catch cool and fresh for up to 48 hours.

Although we all clean our fishing gear thoroughly, we all know the unpleasant odor that surprises us after a few days of not using the cooler box. The Fishwalker cooling bag is made of durable, odor-resistant PVC materials, the inside of the bag is made of one piece, the watertight zipper also offers no room for blood and other accumulate dirt. After use, the Fishwalker cooler bag is turned outwards, where it can be easily washed with non-aggressive cleaning agents and rinsed with a stream of water and hung to dry.

Given its capacity, quality and convenient functionality, a cooling bag is a much better alternative to expensive cooling boxes. The Fishwalker Cooling Bag has a large capacity for storing ice, fish and other things that you want to keep cool. Its convenience is also evident in larger / longer fish, which are harder to put in the cooler cases without losing coolness. By the larger/longer fish, you can simply leave the fish’s tail outside and close the rest of the bag with the zipper, where most of the fish will still be cooled.


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