With our uncompromising dedication, we create high-quality, functional clothing and equipment for a modern fisherman.

Although we are from various countries, different years, various business paths, we have united our great common passion – the fishing that we are truly committed to being almost addictive. Every free moment we use for fishing and spending our free time on, at and underwater. We do not catch all the same species of fish and mollusks, we do not catch everyone with the same technique, we do not use the same accessories, but we have this common passion that connects us and unites us. We are always looking for new experiences and new ways to catch our prey. Although each of us knows how to catch the fish, the catch is not as important to us as everyone around him; preparation, departure, expectation, and after receiving some bigger fish, we actually take it for a walk, and from here also the name of the Fishwalker brand. We constantly help each other with advice and recommendations. And although we have different obligations from different countries, we are united with the same passion… FISHING! 

FISHWALKER the brand

Fishwalker combines functionality, style and comfort with high-performance materials to protect against natural elements.

The idea for the FISHWALKER brand was born in 2017 among a group of friends united in their passion – fishing!

After we were together, as well as alone, for hours, days and nights, we spent for, above and below the fresh and saltwater, where we were often burnt from the sun, sweaty, and we did not smell less than our baits, and we looked like long-term shipwreckers, since by that time we were wearing old clothes, which otherwise we were no longer worn. On one fishing trip, we have talked about how nice it would be to have functional clothes that would protect us from natural elements in order to make it comfortable while still functional and for a peek at even fashionable and modern.

Since everyone is fascinated by fishing from childhood, we knew that the current offer of fishing clothes was not enough for their high expectations. So we decided that we would design our own clothes for ourselves, and if we were of sufficient quality, we would also be offered to other fishermen!

FISHWALKER brand combines functional modality, comfort and top quality with the highest quality high-performance materials. With our uncompromising dedication, we provide clothing and accessories for a modern fisherman who does not want to satisfy himself with the average.

The idea for each piece of equipment arising on fishing on fishing trips where the need for new functionality or piece is revealed. We transfer this idea from fishing trip to paper, work it out to each detail, and carefully plan all solutions. We are personally involved in every step of the production process, from the choice of materials, cuts, color combinations to the final testing of each piece of equipment, before it is put on sale, what is your guarantee of completeness and quality.

Whether you are a freshwater or marine fisherman from a boat or a coast, whether you are a fisherman on bony fish or squid, you are catching for predators or other fish, to catch statically or to hunt in the move, FISHWALKER clothing will protect you from natural elements, with their functionality, they are your personal assistant, while you will feel comfortable in them and you can absolutely indulge in your passion.